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Use Our German Consulting Services

German Classes and Instruction

It's time to sign up for German instruction, if 30 years experience with the language would help in any of the following situations:

1. Requirement of language study for admittance to a college or to a university;

2. Desire to obtain a job with German companies in the US, such as Adidas, Volkswagen or Bayer;

3. Idea to attend the Oktoberfest in Munich or the plan to visit King Ludwig's Castles in Bavaria;

4. Interest in hosting a cultural exchange student from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland;

5. Wish to pursue a career in science, in music, or in international business.

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German Tutoring

For past scholars of the German language in high school or in college, contact a consultant to help  with:

  • Pronunciation skills 
  • Re-acquire past linguistic skills,such as a grammar, vocabulary, and reading
  • Survive the first 24-hours if traveling to a German-speaking country, including the barriers of money, food, metrics,and reading those "forests of German signs"
  • Learn the business vocabulary  for employment with a German company in the US or Germany, such as Deutsche Bank, Aldi, or Mercedes Benz,or in Germany, such as Ford, McDonald's, or Hewlett-Packard
  • Become "culturally aware" of  "those strange German ways"

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German Translation Services

Correspondence with family members during holidays and festivals, both written and/or spoken, would require the need for translation or interpretation. Correspondence with the National Archive in Germany or any state archives for genealogical reasons, both written and/or spoken, would also require the need for translation or interpretation. Family research examples are birth, baptismal,and death certificates,as well as military records. The following testimonials illustrate the importance of book/letter translation, tour guide,and interpreter.

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German Genealogy

Does your family have Germanic background? As a result of my travels to Germany, my time studying Deutsch in Salzburg, Austria, and my 30 years of German-language teaching, I can certainly help you find the town your great-grandfather left for America, help you trace the origin of your family name, or help you obtain birth / death information from a state archive.

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